Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 Season New Team Announcement Meeting

Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 Season New Team Announcement Meeting

On January 14th the Shimizu S-Pulse (also known as Shizuoka Shimizu s-Pulse) 2020 Season New Uniforms, Policy and New Team Members Announcements Meeting took place from 13 p.m. on the 4th floor of the Century Hotel in Shizuoka City!

This was a long-awaited meeting after the somewhat turbulent 2019!

The new uniforms for home games and away games were unveiled and although slightly different from last year, continued with a more sober and adult design. The main color will be deep and light orange with blue lining for bit jersey and pants for home games (dep and light orange for socks) and grey with a little orange for jersey and white and orange and grey lining for away games (white and grey for socks). Goal keepers will mainly in black for home games and dark green for away games.

2020 will be marked with profound changes as stated by the new “RE-FRAME” slogan.The staff and executives have witnessed great changes with a new Club President and General Manager.

The new Manager will be Peter Cklamovski from Australia and formerly coach at 2019 J1 League Champions Yokohama F. Marinos, who stated a personal aim at nurturing a team based on aggressive attacking and steady improvement at all levels. When asked questions about players who left the club he just stated that he thinks only about a future built on the players available. He promised hard work for all concerned, be they players or staff, while affirming his belief in rich rewards.

Vindicating the new slogan changes have been brought at all levels with an accent on youth and talent while keeping some old hands to fan the competition.

The new players presented on that day were:
DF (right-footed) Ryo OKUI (Jersey 21) from Ohmiya Ardijya
DF (right-footed) Makoto OKAZAKI (Jersey 24) rom FC Tokyo. Not present at the Meeting due to international duty
DF (Right-footed) NORIEGA Loret de Mola Erick Carlos (Jersey 34) from Shimizu S-Pulse Youth Team and Peru
MF (right-footed) Yuito SUZUKI (Jersey 37) from Funabashi Shiritsu Funabashi High School
FW (right-footed) Yusuke GOTO (Jersey 14) from Oita Trinita
FW (Right-footed) Ibrahim Junior KURIHARA (Jersey 36) from Mitsubishi Yowa SC Youth Team
FW (Right-footed) Riyo Suzuki (Jersey 33) from Shimizu S-Pulse Youth Team

-PLAYING SQUAD and COACHING STAFF(as of January 14th, 2020)

-COACHING STAFF of Academy (as of January 14th, 2020)

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