Saturday, March 28th Training match
SHIMIZU S-PUSE 3-2/8-0 Jubilo Iwata
IAI Stadium Nihondaira, Shizuoka

Due to the Corona Virus epidemics the restart of the season has been tentatively postponed to Saturday, May 9th for J 1 League, Saturday, May 2nd for J 2 League and Sunday, April 26th for J3 League. Until then many clubs conduct friendly games behind closed doors.

Shimizu s-Pulse who were not supposed to meet Jubilo Iwata in their Shizuoka Prefecture Derby this year due to their participation to different leagues agreed on a training match on Saturday, March 28th at IAI Nihondaira Stadium in Shizuoka City.

For a more meaningful practice it was agreed to play two different full time matches. The first one was broadcasted nationally on DAZN, and the second on Shimizu S-Pulse official site Instagram account as well as on Youtube for Jubilo Iwata. TRAINING MATCH 1

S-PULSE GOALS Goto (20, 86), Kaneko (90+1)

GK Neto Volpi
DF Hwang, Musaka, Okui, Fukumori
MF Takeuchi, Nakamura, Okazaki
FW Goto, Teerasil, Kaneko

Noriega on for Hwang (44)
Nishizawa in for Teerasil (60)
Kawai on for Nakamura (76)

Shimizu S-Pulse had decided in the absence of Elsinho, Vaudo, Renato, Carlinhos and Dutra to field two teams of arguably equal strength while Jubilo elected to field their first string team in the first match and a weaker side in the second.

Shimizu S-Pulse started well enough and Teerasil had two consecutive chances to score on the 5th minute from close enough range only to be denied by some fine goal keeping.

But after 15 minutes they started losing control in the midfield exposing themselves to counters when on rare attacks of their own. In the 16th minute, Jubilo missed a golden chance when they managed to pass through the S-Pulse defense only for their unmarked forward to tamely shoot wide. Balls were lost through simple misses and attacks were aborted by poor passing and insufficient speed.

In the 34th minute Jubilo took a deserved lead when another feeble attack was intercepted leaving a Jubilo forward being chased in vain by five S-Pulse defenders. This time no mistake was made and Neto had no chance to stop the goal. Jubilo should have doubled their lead in the 42nd minute when a lazy S-Pulse attack was cut again to leave a two on two chance to Jubilo but the last shot flew over the bar.

The second half started on a more balanced note between the two teams. For long periods of time S-Pulse passed the ball around but failed to break a compact Yamaha defense aiming at counters. In the 50th minute such a counter saw Jubilo attacker alone against Neto who was lucky to escape with only a yellow card in stopping him.

In the 64th minute Kaneko finally managed to cross behind the Jubilo’s defense on the right side to find Nakamura on the far post heading the ball back across the mouth for Goto to score through a diving header.

The game then became more open. Attacks replied to attacks.

Jubilo was the first to break the deadlock in the 79th minute when a flat-footed S-Pulse defense allowed a cross on their left side which found an unmarked Jubilo player who had all the time in the world to head the goal in.

S-Pulse nonetheless went on again on the attack and were rewarded in the 85th minute when Takeuchi managed a short cross from the left flank to allow Goto to lob the opposite goalkeeper with a superb header into the far corner of the goal. Shimizu finally sensed they had a chance to take the game and hounded every ball although they needed the help of a fine save from Neto. But it was in the very lasts seconds of the game that they put the game on ice when Takeuchi’s through pass found Kaneko who smartly lobbed the advancing opposite goalkeeper.


S-PULSE GOALS Nishizawa (2), Suzuki (59), Tese (23, 27, 62), Kawamoto (12, 26, 73)
PENALTY Tese (23)

GK Umeda DF tatsuta, Kanai, Nishimura
MF Ishige, Miyamaoto, Kawai, Suzuki
FW Tese, Taki, Kawamoto

Hiratsuka in for Kawai (75)
Kuribara in for Tese (86)
Ito in for Kawamoto (86)

The second match quickly showed the gap between the two teams when after only 2 minutes Jubilo could not properly clear the first S-Pulse’s attack and left their left flank exposed allowing Nishizawa to a seemingly easy goal.

Jubilo almost immediately equalized after goalkeeper Umeda’s blunder but then after some time equally shared rookie Noriega’s beautiful long through pass in the 12th minute found Kawamoto who made no mistake in slotting in the ball past the opposite keeper.

2 minutes later Jubilo had their chance through some excellent passing but the ast shot tamely flew wide off the right post. In the 22nd minute S-Pulse were rewarded for their constant hounding of Jubilo’s defense a penalty kick easily converted by Tese. It started to become a rout in the 26th minutes when Jubilo failed to clear a cross from their right flank that Kawamoto had only to tap in. Only two minutes later some sharp passing saw Tese beat 3 defenders before shooting inside the far right post.

Jubilo did courageously go on the offensive but to no avail in spite of good efforts. S-Pulse took a break by controlling the ball through some clever passing and solid defense.

The beginning of the second half witnessed some rough play and dissent form Jubilo players that earned them a yellow card. Nevertheless Jubilo valiantly tried to put up a fight but Shimizu easily enough stayed in control through excellent passing and pressing their opponents inside their own half. The same pressure brought about the sixth goal in the 59th minute when Suzuki found the goal with a sweet middle range shot after the ball had been feebly kicked away by Yamaha’s defense. In the 61st minute some more smooth passing saw the ball travel past behind Jubilo’s defense for another easy goal tapped in by Tese for his hat trick.

Even though Jubilo stolidly podded on and Umeda had to extend himself in the 66th minute to keep his goal intact by the tip of his fingers. In the 72nd minute Umeda again had to produce a fine save when a Jubilo forward found himself alone in front of him due to some laziness from the S-Pulse7s defense, but the following minute Kawamoto twisted the knife into the wound with a fine diving header to conclude a splendid cross from the left flank for the second hat trick of the day.

After the game more and more turned into a simple practice. The score was severe at the end but the second string Jubilo team were just not of the same level.

Shimizu S-Pulse is slowly but steadily honing their new strategies beyond last year’s dreams and team section will soon turn into a sweet nightmare for Manager Chlamovski, Until then, let’s hope that the present epidemics disappears quickly and that we can resume a promising season!

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