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Club Philosophy

「Common Dream, Common Excitement, Common Pride」
  1. 1
    S-Pulse will keep creating dreams as a symbol of the community supported by all who love sports.
  2. 2
    S-Pulse will share excitement with many people through football as well as contribute to the development of local sports culture.
  3. 3
    S-Pulse swear to play fairly and passionately, and try to become the strongest team for the pride of the community.

Ideal picture of S-Pulse

A world-class professional football club, created and nurtured by citizens,
contributing to development of community and its sports culture, and providing dreams to all children who love football.

Team emblem

team emblem
A design based on the shape of 「Mount Fuji」, the Shizuoka symbol which is also that of the Nation of Japan. Three blue vertical stripes epitomize the philosophy of S-Pulse 「Dream・Excitement・Pride」. The Club Name, S-PULSE DRIBBLE font is large, clear and straight to express the words Smart & Strong in conformance with sportsmanship. The central Earth symbol tells of the club success to the rest of the World.

Team mascot

team emblem
Hoping to build bridges between S-Pulse and their supporters, the male mascot "PUL" was named after the English word "PAL", pronounced the same way as PULSE but with a change in its spelling. PUL was born as a modern, elegant, charming and energetic character with such necessary skills for football as quickness, strength and wisdom. The plumage of its ears symbolizes S-Pulse players flying quickly in the field.

The female mascot was named "PICAL," because that name gives people the image of a shining star. (Star means victory in Japanese.) She has some stars 【☆】on her clothes and accessories, because she is the Goddess of Victory who helps S-Pulse win championship titles. PICAL loves football and dances with Orange Waves to cheer for players during games. Also, she has feather-like ears just like PUL does, but hers are cuter and more elegant.

Company Profile

Management organization S-PULSE CO., LTD
President Shinya YAMAMURO
Start of business under current trade name February 1st , 1998
(by taking over the business rights from ESLAP Communications Co., LTD, started business aimed at management of Shimizu S-Pulse as a new company)

- Headquarter
2695-1 Miho, Shimizu-ku Shizuoka City, Shizuoka 424-0901
TEL: 054-336-6301

- Office of Soccer School
1492 Sodeshicho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka 424-0037 (inside S-PULSE DREAM FIELD SHIMIZU)
TEL: 050-9002-5919

Shareholder Suzuyo&Co.,Ltd., Shizuoka Railway Co.,Ltd., Shizuoka Gas Company, Ltd.,
Shizuoka Building Service Inc., J-OIL MILLS, Inc., SHIZUOKA ASAHI TELEVISION CO.,
YAMASHITA CORPORATION, Suzuyo Construction Co., Ltd, Shimizu Bank ,Ltd.,
The Shimizu General Lease Company Limited, The Shimizu Credit Guarantee Company Limited, The Shimizu Regional Economy Research Center, INC
Business synopsis Hosting and mediation of football matches and other sports competitions
Management of organization and facilities for developing footballers and other athletes
Planning and sales of TV programs, magazines, publications and character goods related to business aforesaid
Management of professional footballers
Advertising business
Management, entrusted operation and administration of sports facilities
Other business
Related facilities S-PULSE DREAM FIELD SHIMIZU (Futsal fields)
S-PULSE STORE(Official Shop)

S-Pulse and hometown

S-Pulse, as a civic club, have not only been operating a professional football team, but also contributing to the development of sports culture and providing sports facilities. Moreover, we have been working as a foundation stone for the good life of residents in cooperation with the municipality based on "The Hundred Year Vision" slogan, which J. League is employing.

In August 1995, S-Pulse signed an agreement relating to exchanging projects between Shimizu City (currently Shimizu Ku in Shizuoka City) and Shimizu S-Pulse. Since then we have worked for the revitalization of the city and town in various areas by participating to community events, dispatching manpower to supporters club, co-sponsoring local football tournaments and so forth. S-Pulse cannot remain in existence apart from their hometown Shimizu (currently Shizuoka city). S-Pulse have been a keystone for the revitalization of our towns.

During the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan, S-Pulse and the City worked together to host the training camp of the Russian national team. A practice match with S-Pulse and interaction with citizens were realized during their stay. After that, international exchange through football has been going on at the grass-roots level. A boy's team from the Sakhalin visited Shimizu and took part in an amateur junior soccer league. Besides, when S-Pulse participated to the AFC Champions league, the top clubs of many Asian countries, such as South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Maldives, visited Shimizu City (currently Shimizu Ku in Shizuoka city). Through the invitation of many citizens to the matches, S-Pulse greatly helped the City with international exchange and recognition of regional information overseas.

After the merger of Shimizu City and Shizuoka city in April 2003, the "new" Shizuoka City became the hometown of S-Pulse and we are trying our utmost to support the local economy, as well as health promotion and progress in the cultural awareness of citizens as the representative professional football club of the "new" Shizuoka City. The match operation of S-Pulse home games is backed up by around 200-member regional volunteers from the municipality, companies and general public, who check tickets at the entrance, support people with limited mobility, guide visitors to the appropriate gates or appropriate services. In this way S-Pulse are working for the creation of community through sports (football). It will give us a great pleasure if S-Pulse become the keystone of the town creation and make our citizens love their City, Shizuoka, and feel proud of it.