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【MATCH REPORT】 Shimizu S-Pulse 9-0 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki SC

Emperor’s Cup
2nd Round
Shimizu S-Pulse vs Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SC
Wednesday June 12th, 7:00 pm
IAI Nihondaira Stadium (Shizuoka)

S-PULSE GOALS Knate (7), Matsuzaki (29), Kawatani (56), Gunji (57), Chiba (63), Gunji (64), Gunji (69), Gunji (83), Kitagawa (90 +4)

YELLOW CARDS Kante, Morishige
PENALTY KICK (Chiba, 63)
ATTENDANCE unannounced

GK Oki
DF Takagi, Morishige, Kawatani
MF Matsuzaki, Yajima, Naruoka, Gunji, Ando
FW Tanke

Chiba on for Tanque
Yata on for Yajima
Kitagawa on for Matsuzaki
Yamahara on for Ando
Hara on for Takagi

On a giant-killing day which saw no less than three J1 League sides being eliminated and one more barely surviving on penalty kicks after leveling scores in extra time, there was simply too much difference between a second-string top J2 League team and an amateur side playing three tiers below.
The starting team was completely different from the side that started the previous league game against Fujieda, but it took two senior players in the names of Tanque and Matsuzaki to break the deadlock during a first half which witnessed a courageous MHI SC side resisting to a vastly superior professional side which by the end of the day had had 29 attempts at goal against a paltry 4 for their adversaries.
S-Pulse had adopted a 3-6-1 formation only in name as the three backs usually play in midfield or upfront, making it clear it was going to be an all-attack strategy.
After their amateur opponents had seen one of their players sent off with a straight red card, it became a one-sided shooting gallery with rookie Gunji leaving his mark with a tally of 4 goals that should benefit him for the rest of the season.
The merit of the game is that some young or rarely used players did shine on the day, providing for more depth for the rest of the season.
We will certainly need it starting with next game away against Ehime in what is called the “Orange Derby”, a team new to the J2 League but be taken very seriously!

J2 League
Game 20
Shimizu S-Pulse vs Ehima FC
Sunday June 16th, 6:00 pm
NInjineer Stadium (Matsuyama)